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Happy Birthday . . . again
March 19, 2009, 3:04 pm
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Ok.  On the last post, I said that our lives weren’t interesting enough to blog about.  I shouldn’t have said that – it came back to bite me.

So, for Kevin’s 30th birthday we decided to take a nice, long weekend trip to Fredericksburg.  The weekend started out great.  My parents came down to watch the girls and early Friday morning we headed out.  All was going so well.  The cabin I rented was quaint and included a lovely view of two very large bulls, some cows and horses.  It also had a couple of cats that hung around the front door.  We toured Fredericksburg over the next 2 days – shopping, eating and visiting wineries.  It was a very nice birthday trip . . .  until . . .

We were driving home Sunday afternoon when my arm starting itching.  I didn’t think much of it, but it finally started bothering me more and more.  I pulled up the sleeve to my polar fleece and found 30+ whelps on both arms.  No idea what they were.  Kevin stopped to pick up some benadryl for me, but that only knocked me out – didn’t help the bumps at all.  The arm itching continued on the way home, but it wasn’t until we got home that I noticed that these whelps were all over my body!  My hips, my legs, my stomach, my arms – everywhere!  Kevin thinks all this is funny, by the way.  So Monday morning, in agony from the itching and general pain of the whelps, I go to the doctor.  I’m still thinking I’ve had an allergic reaction to something.  Doc says, that’s not a reaction – those are bites.  From what I asked.  She said, can’t tell, but more than likely fleas or bed bugs!! Oh my gosh!

As much as a germophob as I try not to be – this thoroughly creeped me out.  I told Kevin that he needed to call the cabin and tell them what happened.  Again, he thinks this is all pretty funny.  That is until that evening when he finds whelps all over his hips too!  Not so funny now.  I’ve never seen him clean so much in my life – we stripped sheets, covers, you name it.  And now he’s a bit more peeved at the cabin owners.  Hmm, wasn’t as worried when it was just me.

Long story short, the cabin owners don’t think it’s their fault.  They say the bed is new and hyper-allergenic.  But I say those cats brought fleas in the house and left them as a parting gift on my clothes.  The owners are willing to refund one night as a peace offering, but only after I sent pictures and the doctor’s note.

Happy Birthday, again.


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Once again, I’m crying while I’m laughing! You’re much funnier when you write! 🙂 I’m so sorry you got the fleas! We would love for you to come visit us; we don’t have cats!

Comment by thetrooks

I’m only funny because I can edit and re-write and re-word. I had three days to figure out what to say.

Umm . . . when would be a good time to come?? When is an open weekend for you guys? and did you get Wesley’s present?

Comment by kandjries

You are welcome anytime, it just depends on if you want to see Jason or not! I just love track seaon!

Comment by Jason & Stephanie

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