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I suddenly feel old . . .
February 28, 2009, 11:20 pm
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So this post will be and update over the last, oh, 4 months.  I know, I am not the best at keeping up with this.  Between the busyness of our lives and the absence of excitement, I don’t have much to write about . . . that is until yesterday.

As you may know, yesterday was Kevin’s birthday – his 30th for those of you who are counting!  For several weeks, we have been anticipating the first parent’s night out at our church (this is definately one thing we miss about Lubbock).  We were lucky enough that PNO happened on on Kevin’s birthday.  I was at the house getting dressed for dinner and Kevin went pick the girls up from school so we could drop them off at the church.  I heard the garage door open and I went to help get them into the house.  As I opened the back door, I see the car flying into the garage with all windows rolled down and Riley is SCREAMING in the back seat.  I run over to her side, still not knowing what going on and yank her out of the car.  Kevin throws the car into park and yells out that Riley sprayed mace in her face!  Kevin had a mace pen in his coat pocket and she had somehow gotten it out and was curious enough to spray it.  So after 20 minutes of crying and pouring milk in her eyes, she finally quieted down and let us look at her red, swollen eyes.  We were lucky that she just got some of the mist from the spray and it wasn’t a direct hit.

Needless to say, the birthday dinner didn’t start out like we thought . . . nothing like explaining to the church nursery why Riley’s eyes looked the way they did.  I don’t expect to get the best parent award this year.

But back to the title – it has just hit me this evening that I am married to a 30 year old!  Makes me feel old too . . .


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That is not funny, but I’m cracking up at your post! Welcome back, Old Lady!

Comment by thetrooks

Okay…..now THAT is just SAD! You bad parent you! hahaha No, seriously,l we had almost the same thing happen with Tori. She was messing around with Brock’s epi pen while I ran into the house for something I’d forgotten…She took the top off the pen and it shot off into her finger. It started bleeding badly and made her dizzy….so what I see is her stumbling into the garage, holding her head (b/c she was dizzy) with blood pouring out (from her finger but it looked like her head). We called Poison control and they just had her put her finger in ice for a few hours and she was fine but..wow…I felt like such a loser! – Hey – We all lived and stories to tell now!
As for the date, bring the girls over next week when I am back to 100% and you guys go have your date. That is no loss. Maybe we’ll actually GET them for once!

Comment by donna watson

The girls are so pretty. Riley has turned into such a little lady!

Comment by Brie

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